What is the Rush ?

Today I thought I would discuss how inmates here appear to always be in a rush when the guards call chow.  There are about 1000 inmates here at this prison.  Since inmates know roughly when they announce chow, 80% of the unit waits downstairs near the door to leave for chow.  The CO (guard) opens the door and literally they all funnel out the door.  When they get to the chow hall, they all must wait in line still as well. 

Living on a farm with many cows, I get to witness how cows all move towards the feeding area waiting for one of us to open up the gate to let the cows in to eat.  Then the cows must wait in line to get the feed since they all funnel through the gate.  As you can guess, seeing how most inmates rush to get to chow reminds me of how much cows do as well. 

With this in mind, once chow is called my friend Ryan and I wait for all the inmates to leave the unit first, and we simply take a leisurely stroll to the chow hall where everyone else is already waiting in line.  No need to rush just to wait.  It just adds more undue stress. 

Before I surrendered, I was typically trying to rush around to get things done whether it be for business or doing simply chores.  Georgia was quite the opposite, She enjoys the process and was in the moment.  So once I am out, I intend to simply enjoy the process of doing cattle chores and such and not rush.  Being in prison definitely makes me appreciate the little things more such as grocery shopping, going to the post office, or even making myself a bite to eat. 

If you realize you are always rushing around just to knock the next thing off your list, step back and ask yourself what is the rush.  Enjoy the process instead.

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